Welcome to V’s Nutrition and Lifestyle

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HELLO !!!!

Thank you so much for visiting my site and welcome! My name is Vanessa. I hope you are all ready to embark on a new journey to taking care of your body from the inside out (literally)!. Everything that we eat or consume goes into the inside of our bodies and is a reflection on the outside.

Think about what bought you here today. I hope the answer is that you are ready to make some new lifestyle changes. When I created this blog about over a year and a half ago my focus was mainly on nutrition. But now I will be making some new and updated changes that I hope you all will be excited about!. So the new focus of my blog will be nutrition, health promotion, and lifestyle articles because really when we think of our health every single one of those aspects all tie in together. We have to eat right but we all have to take care of our bodies as a whole besides what we eat such as our physical and mental health. Then of course we can’t forget about our everyday lives and our lifestyle and I want to share those experiences with you all.

So it’s time to take a step back from all the fast foods that surround us everyday and take a step forward to creating new eating habits so that we can be our most healthiest selves!