Why is physical health so important?

    I must admit, I was never the one to exercise much or go to the gym. A lot of it had to do with time. Working full-time (lifting patients) and being a full-time college student is not easy, as it is not for a majority of us juggling so many things today.

Two years ago I was in a very bad place with my health. I was struggling with managing my Acid Reflux and I also was struggling with my physical health. In September 2015 I obtained a neck injury after going indoor rock climbing with a friend. After that for the next year and a half my physical health was not the same . It felt as though everyday my physical health was declining. I could not function due to having headaches almost every week, I suffered with neck pain , back pain, and chest pains. Later on I learned that the chest pain was a condition called costochondritis which is an inflammation of the joints as the breastbone which can be aggravated by any strenuous activity .

As each day went on I felt weaker and weaker and this was when I discovered the importance of physical health. If I had paid more attention to my physical health by exercising or working out I would be stronger and have more strength to not obtain injuries while doing activities. 

   If I can stress one thing I say do not take your physical health for granted.


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