Do you have a Health Plan / Goals

Picture Credit: Taken by me! One of your health goals might be to focus on 
a healthy mind such as doing meditation or yoga

As I mentioned in my last blog post some of us are still overcoming those New Year’s Blues. But guess what now it’s time to make a list of your goals and get a game plan started. So to start your probably thinking how do I start off this list or organize this list.
Everyone is different and are facing different health issues and concerns so start off with writing out your health history. 

When you start off with writing out your health history it allows you to narrow down the things you need to focus on. For example, someone may have as part of their health history high cholesterol. You then know to put on your list limited foods in diet that cause high cholesterol. So once you take a look at that it helps you to breakdown your goals even better. After that is done take a deep breath in and out you made it through the first step. Then you will begin to map out your individual goals I will provide down below two examples you can use. Both of these formats work out great but the goal is to choose any format that works out best for you.

Picture Credit: Pinterest. This is one way you can write down and organize your health goals each month
Picture Credit: Pinterest. You can also make a self-care list just like this these list are free and printable through Pinterest

If you are someone that has a busy schedule or is on the go take a picture of your list to carry it around with you. Post it up against your refrigerator so that every time you open the fridge you can get a good reminder of your goals.

Once you get this system going it will keep you reminded of the health goals that you have. Take the time to sit, think, and jot down. Let’s get healthy 2019!


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