How Do You Handle Your Sweet Tooth on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Picture Credit: Me!

Now we all love sweets, at least most of us get a sweet tooth from time to time. Now for someone like me who has Acid Reflux when it comes to those Valentine’s Day chocolates, I definitely cannot have the whole box in one day. Maybe more like one piece of chocolate a week lol. So the question is how can we still enjoy sweets without consuming too much sugar and calories?

First to start do not overdo it! Whether you get one box of chocolate or many different sweets do not eat it all in one sitting! Whew! Second, try looking for sweets that are vegan! Now they still contain sugar of course but the ingredients in vegan sweets will be a lot healthier and not contain high fructose corn syrup which we know is like the number one sugar enemy. High fructose corn syrup is used in so many food products including wheat bread that you may think is 100 percent healthy, always read your nutrition facts labels they are there for a reason. 

Third try looking for sweets that are organic which will have much better ingredients but again it does not mean it does not contain sugar. Fourth, you can go completely sugar-free and look for sweets. I have tried many things that are sugar-free such as sugar-free cakes, sugar-free ice creams, and sugar-free chocolates and they still taste good! Lastly, if you are good at baking in the kitchen you can bake your own sweets that way you get to control how much sugar you use in your recipe. 

When it comes to sugar in the diet, it should always be in moderation. Really when it comes to sugar consumption for Males the total amount for one day should only be about 37.5 grams of sugar and for females 25 grams of sugar per day (According to the American Heart Association). Now we all know that most of the time we go over those recommendations. 
As I always teach to anyone that I coach we have to have certain things in moderation and sugar is most certainly one of those things.

Here is a list of a few things I have tried out:

Breyers Sugar-Free Vanilla Ice Cream

Breyers Non- Dairy Peanut Butter Flavor Ice Cream

Pillsbury Sugar-Free Yellow Cake Mix

Healthy Foods Healthy Foods

There are many sugar-free sweets you can purchase through Amazon if you can not find them in your local supermarkets such as sugar- free Reese’s and Hersey candies

Some of my favorite vegan brands are:

Enjoy Life

Lenny and Larry’s

Nature’s Bakery

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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