Blogmas Day 11 – Let’s Talk Skincare

This blog post topic can be quite tricky taking care of skin aaahhhhhh! Over the years when it comes to taking care of my skin I haven’t been the best but I haven’t been the worst. One thing for sure that I know about my face is that it is oily and because it is oily my pores tend to clog easily and that is when breakouts occur.

So for me taking care of my skin is very important. Other than my face being oily the rest of my skin gets very dry and itchy especially during the winter months , moisturizing is high on my list or else I’ll be itching all day!

Everyone is different and what works for me may not work for someone else. I have heard people say they keep their skin routine very basic as just using soap and water and that’s it.

During my pregnancy my skin changed a lot and now I am trying to get back on track with maintaining clear skin.

I try to keep my skin routine as simple as possible without using too many products. One important thing that I probably don’t need to emphasize but I will is to drink water. Water detoxifies our bodies and hydrates our cells in return hydrating our skin and flushing away all those toxins. You should at least aim to drink 8 glasses per day. During pregnancy drinking water increases to 10 to 12 glasses per day.

Here are some of the basic products you should be using to take care of your skin:

  • Facial Exfoliant 
  • Facial Toner
  • Soap 
  • Facial Moisturizer 
  • For your body a lotion based moisturizer or an oil based moisturizer 

Currently I am using Clean and Clear deep action exfoliating scrub for my face then I follow that with a natural soap that usually has Shea butter in it. I use the soap for my face and body than I get ready to put back moisture into my skin because many soaps can dry out your skin so don’t skip this step.

Currently to moisturize my face I am using Vitamin C and Coconut Oil. For my body I am using EOS cucumber body lotion or I use Aveeno.

I put this under and around my eyes and also all over my face moisturizes my face

This is what I use in the first step of washing my face

After applying Vitamin C , I add Coconut Oil for Moisture

Cheers to taking care of your skin!


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