Blogmas day 13 – My Favorite Baby Items 2019 (add to your wishlist)

I am loving being a new mom so far and there are a load of baby items out there. I wanted to share with all of you, especially for all the moms to be my favorite baby items. If your looking to get anything for the holidays take a look at these items:

#1. Boppy

I absolutely love the boppy and it has helped out so much. You can say it is an infant lounger but my son is practically in it all the time. Sometimes he doesn’t always like to lay completely flat and the boppy gives him an extra cushion and comfort.

#2. Munchkin Warm Glow Wipes Warmer 

This is a must have because one thing babies do not like is getting their diapers changed. They do not like the feeling of cold wipes. Before we started using this my son cried for everything diaper change, now for most of his changes he is as calm as can be.

# 3. NoseFrida Suction 

You will love this one even though I am not as great at doing this as my husband it gets the job done. If your little one has buggies in their nose grab your frida and suction away!

# 4. Medifrida

I absolutely love this! If your little one ever needs any medicine this is the perfect. Comes with a medication syringe and pacifier to dispense the medication through the pacifier!

#5 . SwaddleMe Velcro Swaddle 

Sometimes the most simple thing is actually hard to do. It was so hard to swaddle my son when he first arrived home. He was very fussy and would break free from our swaddles. These velcro swaddles helped us to hold him in place better.

# 6 . Avent Anti-Colic Bottles 

These bottles helped us out a great deal because the first month my son was extremely colic. Part of it was due to the discomfort he was experiencing from gas. These bottles will stop your little from swallowing too much air when they drink their bottle. The bottles come with an air vent stopper in order to trap any air in the bottle. This is a must have.

# 7. American Red Cross Deluxe Health and Grooming Kit for Infant

This kit comes handy with everything you will need for your baby such as a thermometer, comb, brush, medication syringe, finger toothbrush, spoon , and many more items. It is also easy to carry around do not skip this one! 

I hope you all enjoyed this list and there will be many more posts like this. Happy Holidays!


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