Blogmas Day 17 – Breastfeeding Bags

As a new mom breastfeeding was a high priority for me but I struggled to do it and my son could not latch on correctly. Even though I was sad about it I still wanted my son to get the nutrients from breast milk. So a little after giving birth I got my breast pump and was excited to start. Little did I know pumping is a full time job and can get messy at times. For me I don’t have a large supply of breast milk but even if it was a little bit I wanted my son to have it. 

I didn’t realize how messy it could get to transfer breast milk into breast milk storage bags and back into the bottle. So I finally stumbled upon the Kiinde bottle. My husband had gotten a free bottle in a sample box sent to us but I didn’t notice how good the storage bags are. The kiinde storage bag allows you to pump directly into the bag by using adapters that can connect to any breast pump and the storage bags come with a cap which makes it easier then the traditional storage bags to use.

I absolutely love it and now i’m not spilling  all over the place!


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