Blogmas Day 18 – Keeping Christmas Simple

I love the holiday season even though Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday because I just love to eat! Over the years I always kept Christmas pretty simple. When I was younger I love Christmas and opening presents. But as I got older and into my teens there were Christmases that I did not receive any presents and that was ok because to me I just loved spending time with friends and family. I still continued to buy gifts, especially for my younger cousins because I wanted them to enjoy Christmas but it wasn’t a big deal if I didn’t receive anything. My goal was just to see everyone else happy.

This year now that I have a child all the holidays are extra special. At first I wasn’t going to buy a tree but then my husband was like we have to get a tree it’s our son’s first Christmas. So we decided to get a 4ft tree and just buy Christmas lights no ornaments and it looks just as beautiful as any other tree. Sometimes during the holidays we set up to much expectations for ourselves and get stressed out. But the beauty in the holidays is already there and all we have to do is keep it simple!

Our Christmas Tree!

Our Christmas Tree

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