Planning A Party During COVID-19

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Hand washing station
DIY Canvas
DIY Babyfirst Banner using banner paper
DIY caketopper using cardstock paper designed using phonto app on android and iphone
My husband and I had the special task of planning out a special day. My son’s first birthday party! The challenge was how were we going to do it in compliance with all the Guidelines for COVID 19.

The good thing was that we had planned to have it outdoors at a park so that was perfect for social distancing,  which we visited before hand so we could know how much space we were working with. We couldn’t actually reserve any spaces so we just had to hope that the section we wanted wouldn’t be taken the day of the party ( which it wasn’t thank goodness!)


We decided on a DIY babyfirst themed party because my son loves babyfirst tv. We didn’t want to have to spend such a large amount of money so we decided to do things ourselves.  Supplies was pretty simple because most things we already had on hand such as crayons , markers,  and pencils. Other supplies we needed were canvas holders, canvas, black printer ink, and color ink. Ballons , food trays, cupcake holders,  hand sanitizer,  napkins, paper towels, and cardstock paper. We also got banner paper to create our own banner. We went to stores micheals crafting , dollar tree, and amazon online for supplies.

We wanted to keep things pretty much contact less so there was too much touching going on and everyone had the option to take their food tray home or their cupcakes home.  We also reserved a table and set up a handwashing station so that everyone was able to wash their hands. For this we used hand sanitizer , hand washing soap and a spray bottle filled with water to wash off the soap and paper towels.

For the desserts I made the cupcakes myself and was able to put each cupcake in a cupcake holder so that they were not left out in the open. We pretty much kept the cake covered until it was time to cut the cake.

For food we kept it simple and only had six dishes rice and beans, chicken party wings , fried chicken, mac and cheese, fried fish, and salad which my family was able to help me prepare. As for drinks they were served as is we did not have cups to minimize contact and touching.

All in all the party turned out great and everyone was able to social distance which was a relief for me. We had the right number of people and were able to carry out the party safely.

Below I will share links for items that I used ( these links are affiliate links )

Stay safe everyone!

Canvas Pack on Amazon

Cupcake Holders

Balloon Stand

Food Trays ( I got mine from family dollar but saw something similar on amazon)

Balloon Stand Center Piece

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