The New Normal Exercising At Home
Our physical health is so important and this is no surprise. Exercising has many benefits it keeps you fit, contributes to weight loss, helps you to get stronger and build muscle, and is beneficial to our mental health. With everything going on in 2020 with the pandemic and stay at home orders exercising at home is becoming the new thing. Even though many people were exercising at home way before things changed for us our homes are going to become our new gym.

I will admit I was never into exercising in the past because I always felt like my weight was stable for many years and I didn’t need to lose any weight. I thought exercising was all about weight loss but it isn’t theres so much more to it and it makes you feel good. These days with being a mom and into my first year of motherhood I am still working on time management and fitting in time for myself to get things done but below I will share with you some the exercises I am doing at home.

After giving birth I lose a great amount of weight going from 162 pounds down to 146 pounds. Most of my weight was baby weight! But as time went on and I started getting my appetite back I was eating pretty much anything and then when quarantine started I gained all my weight back. It has been a struggle for me to shed the weight but I am trying very hard to get it under control.  Right on my main focus is burning calories and cardio exercises.

Here are some of my favorite cardio exercises ( and I’m sure some of your favorites too!)

1. Jumping Jacks – jumping jacks is one of the most classic exercise moves I know. I remember doing jumping jacks in Kindergarten! when we had gym and pretty much all through elementary school during gym time. Jumping jacks are fairly easy but you can get tired easily. But I love it because it is a quick calorie burner and depending on your intensity and how many jumping jacks you can do, you can even burn more calories. Start off with a set number and gradually increase the number. So first start off with 50 then increase to 100 then 150 and so on

2. Burpees – I don’t know if this is a favorite of everyone but I love doing burpees. For me it’s a better alternative to doing push ups and allows for full body movement. Depending on the intensity of this you can also burn some calories really fast.

3. Squats – Now I know this is a sure favorite for everyone. They are easy to do but they do hurt after a while  lol my legs get tired easily but I love how versatile you can be with a squat doing it in many different ways for example a jump squat

4. Jump Ropes – This is my new favorite thing and I should have purchased one way before this. Jump roping is an instant fat burner and you can literally burn 150 calories in 11 minutes so imagine how much you can burn doing twenty minutes of jump rope probably close to 400 calories!

5. Side to Side High Knees – The way I do this is a run side to side doing high knees and increase the intensity as I go along

For now those a my top 5 calories burners but I will be adding many more to the list. Leave a comment below and let me know your favorite stay at home workouts!

Be well and stay safe.

I was a little late on getting my workout equipment since when quarantine had started I had so much trouble finding workout jump ropes in stores. I was able to finally get one through Amazon. Click the link below if you are looking for a nice workout jump rope


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