Vegan and Vegetarian Diets

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As I mentioned in my last blog post I would still be on the topic of diets. This week I am going to be taking about vegan diets and vegetarian diets.What both diets have in common is that they do not consume any animals products. Did you know that there are 5 types of vegan diets and 5 types of vegetarian diets but a vegan diet or “veganism” is also a vegetarian diet. So lets jump straight to it.

5 Types of Vegan Diets ( Remember Vegan diets to not use any animal products)

  • Junk- Food Vegans – Now I found this to very interesting because you wouldn’t think that someone that is vegan would eat “junk” food but there are a lot of vegan products that can still be considered unhealthy depending on what you choose such as vegan ice cream, vegan, fries, chips, frozen dinners
  • Raw-Food Vegans – These vegans only eat foods that are raw or cooked below 118 degrees F, some of those raw foods include: raw nuts and seeds, raw nut butters, raw nut milks, seaweed, and sauerkraut. Methods of cooking for those that are raw food vegans include juicing, blending, soaking, and sprouting they chose these methods of cooking because the foods lose less nutrients when cooked at a lower temperature.
  • Dietary Vegans- Dietary Vegans follow a plant based diet but other products such as for food, hair, or skin
  • Whole Food Vegans – These vegans eat whole foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables , and legumes
  • Low Fat Raw Food Vegans- These vegans limit high fat as coconuts, nuts, and avocados and mostly eat fruits. They are referred to as fruitarians.

The next thing I am going to talk about are Vegetarian diets. There are 5 Vegetarian diets:

  • Vegan – I started off with vegan since we just reviewed vegan diets. As we know Vegans do not eat any animal or dairy products
  • Lacto-vegetarian – These vegetarians do not eat eggs, poultry, fish, or meat but they do eat dairy products such as yogurt, milk, cheese, and butter
  • Ovo-vegetarian – These vegetarians exclude all animal products but they do eat eggs
  • Lacto-ovo vegetarians – These vegetarians do not eat meat but they do eat eggs and milk
  • Pescatarians – Pescatarians do not eat meat, eggs , poultry, or dairy but they do eat fish

That is the overview of Vegan and Vegetarian diets, they both have many similarities but slight differences in what can actually be consumed. Do you currently follow any of these diets or lifestyles? Leave a comment down below let me know!


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