It’s ok to RESET

Hey everyone, Happy new month, Happy April! . Can you believe that it is already a new month. This year so far is going by so fast. Sometimes just as time goes by fast , we also feel the need to go just as fast as time is going in our daily lives. When we have a goal in mind that we want to accomplish we want to keep going and going.  I wrote this blog post to remind you that I see all your hard work but it is also OK to give yourself a break because you deserve it.

When I started this blog and my Instagram page back in 2016/2017 I wouldn’t say I was super consistent but I did post from time to time to make sure I was engaging with my audience and keeping up with giving them the latest tips to help with acid reflux . At one point there were moments when I would not post for a month or two and my Instagram page continued to grow which I was so shocked to see. 

After taking a break from my blog for almost a year and a half after I had my son, I decided at the end of 2020 that I was ready to make a comeback and start working hard again and I did just that. I managed between three platforms Instagram, YouTube, and WordPress. I would stay up all night to get my videos done, blog posts done, and content creation done sometimes until 4 am! . Between the months of December and February I was on a high working non stop until finally in March I crashed and burned and needed a break. It is important that we learn to give ourselves the break we deserve and give ourselves self care. After having my son I never really thought much about self care but now a year and a half later having an active 1 year old, trying to get work done, focus on my marriage, and get through this pandemic I realize how important it is to give ourselves that mental break.

I hope this blog helped just a little to realize it’s ok to relax, regroup, recharge, and reset.


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