Getting Through School During a Pandemic

Hearing the word pandemic seems so surreal. It sounds like something you only hear happening in a movie or on a TV series but who would have ever thought a pandemic would become our reality.
It’s only been a year but it is been one rough and tough year. Even though we have made major progress, the pandemic is still ongoing and not completely over. ( So please stay safe and healthy). One month before the pandemic began I had just started my dietetic internship for the nutrition and dietetic technician program. This would be the second associate’s degree that I would be receiving from this school and I was so glad I had the opportunity to return to complete the program five years later!

I had also just given birth to my son in October 2019 so by the time the pandemic was officially declared my son was 5 months. So while in school I was also in the stages of being a new mom. Just like everyone else when this pandemic began I was scared and I didn’t know how I could get through school when I all I could do was watch the news of everything going on.

Mentally it was a lot but I knew I had to pull myself together. Some of you are still in the process of getting through school right now and went through it last year as well.

Here are some tips that helped me through school during the pandemic:

  1. Remember your end goal: For me this was my second shot at getting through the program I was in. Even though the pandemic was happening life is still going and I didn’t want to lose sight of the goal I was trying to reach.

2. Remove all distractions : During the time the pandemic began it was kind of hard for to stop looking at my phone and getting news alerts which I had on notifications, eventually I decided to remove the notifications from my phone to try to not think about everything that was happening at the time.

3. Prayer and Meditation: I love meditation especially bible meditations. This is something that I had routinely started during my pregnancy and this still helps me to the day to start my day and end my day

4. Listen to your favorite audiobooks or podcasts: my husband and I would listen to audiobooks and podcast when our son was asleep and we were done with our schoolwork (he also was in school and graduated this year 2021!) this helped us calm our minds down and focus on positive things. 

5. Write down your goals for the day: This helped me a lot when it comes to doing schoolwork.  I remembered things better when I write them down

6. Talk to family and friends: One thing that I truly learned through this pandemic is to value your loved ones. They can help you get through the toughest of times 

7. Play light music in the background while doing your school: This can put you in a good mood especially when you listen to music that motivates you.

These were some of the tips that helped me to get through school during the pandemic and lockdown

Remember you can get through it!


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