Smoothies Anyone?

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To start, I would like to say to all of you a Happy New Year! I know we are well into February but I haven’t written a blog post since last October and it feels good to write again. As you can see this site has gone through some major changes one being that I am now shifting my nutrition teaching and education to a holistic approach. This was something that I thought about for a very long time living a more holistic lifestyle using cleaner and more natural products and of course eating healthy.

If you have been a long-time follower of my blog you know that I had a baby towards the end of 2019 and that was a lot on my body and shifting into the postpartum phase and being a new mom everything changed. Most days with a new baby I didn’t eat or cook, I was just too tired or drained to do so, so I mostly relied on ordering and eating out. Then when the pandemic occurred everyone was stuck in the house. Being stuck in the house there was not much to do but eat. For about four months we were stuck in quartine. For these past three years, it became hard to break those habits but now I am ready to embark on a journey to become a new healthier me and meet my weight loss goals.

I know that many of you may be like me and are ready to make a change this year and weight loss may be on your list of goals so my question is what are you doing to achieve your weight loss goals. Are you focusing on nutrition or are you focusing on fitness? The answer really is that you should focus on both, but without proper nutrition, fitness can not eliminate much. So the priority to that we change our diets and develop better eating habits but this takes time.

There are a number of things I am doing right now when it comes to my nutrition goals but I will discuss that in another blog post, but for this post, we will focus on smoothies. Smoothies have been around for many many years and so many people love them. I love smoothies as well! Smoothies are a great source of fiber, they allow you to get an intake of fruits and vegetables, and they can keep you full for a very long time. That is where the smoothie diet comes in. The Smoothie Diet is a 21-day diet that focuses all on drinking smoothies. So the smoothies will replace the meals that you would normally have. So two meals will be replaced with smoothies and your third meal will be the meal of your choice.

The Smoothie Diet consists of different recipes that are specifically targeted to help you lose weight and burn fat. These smoothies can be made in no time, compared to making a full meal. This program provides you with a full guide and grocery/shopping list. It is all done for you all you have to do is gather your ingredients and make your smoothie. The good thing is that once you get through your 21 days you can repeat this over again if you do feel like you want to increase your goals or see more results. This program also comes with two bonuses you get the quick start guide and your detox guide all for $37 dollars. I made my purchase and you should too. I can’t wait to share the results with you all. If you do decide to make this purchase as well please share your results with me. Download the free smoothies fact sheet I created especially for you.

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Download your free smoothie fact sheet made by me

Good luck with your weight loss journey and goals. We can do this!

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