The Ultimate Act of Self-love

Photo of me taken by me on Valentine’s Day

An ode to Women’s History Month, I want to talk about the ultimate act of self-love. So many things fall under this one term like self-care, self-awareness, loving yourself, mental health, and physical health which is why I labeled ultimate because you have to love yourself as a whole and not in parts. You can’t just love one part of yourself and not the other you have to love it all.

Now I know that that is easier said than done loving all of yourself. For me, for the past year, I’ve struggled with a lot of insecurities about my weight. I’ve watched my body change over the past three years gaining more and more weight. My stomach is bigger, my arms are bigger, and my face is bigger. I can definitely say that I was not loving myself at all more like letting myself go. I have struggled with weight loss even when I would exercise and eat clean the weight would not shift or go down. But then I started to look at other women who are my size and they are owning it. They are in love with their bodies and making it work for them. For me, it was more of an acceptance being this new weight and new weight but I realized I too have to own it and make it work for me. I started to no longer think about trying to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothing and started to focus on what would work for my current body weight. I am starting to get into a mindset of loving myself no matter the size because I am still me. My weight doesn’t define me or change the person that I am. Now being on a holistic journey with nutrition and lifestyle I am learning a lot about taking care of myself from the inside out. I am learning to love myself and accept myself as a whole and this applies to any aspect of life. It’s not just about weight, it is about giving the love you know you need and not allowing anyone to take that away from you or affect that. When we love ourselves and put ourselves first we don’t have to rely on others to make us feel like we are loved because guess what we already love ourselves first.

Now I am going to share with you all a mantra from the book: Deeply Holistic By Pip Walter

This is called Loving Yourself:

Sit or stand in a relaxed way in front of a mirror. Begin with your eyes closed, and take several slow relaxed breaths breathing in fresh energy and out old energy. When you feel ready and relaxed open up your eyes and look in the mirror.

Say this to yourself while looking into your own eyes out loud: (Your name) I like you and I always will. I love you and I always will. You are beautiful just as you are. Repeat this at least three times.

How did that make you feel? Try doing this daily at least for a month. Come back and leave any comments on how did this make you feel.


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