I’m An Author Y’all!

Photo by u00f6zgu00fcr uzun on Pexels.com

This blog post is a very short one but exciting one. If you have only visited my website and seen only my blog post your missing out on a whole lot!

I wanted to write this blog post to let you know that I am officially an AUTHOR! This year I have been on a journey of exploring new talents and creativity and creating eBooks has become my new favorite thing.

Now, I am going to be writing a wide range of eBooks from children’s books to weight loss guides. My inspiration for starting my children’s eBook series is my son. He is now three years old and he likes to learn but he loves his ABCs. He can’t get enough of it but I wanted to teach by doing letter of the week but I realized that I was not finding the type of books I wanted when it came to that so I created it! So if you have little ones at home you will love the ABC series from A to Z and two more letters will be released this month. As some of you may know I have my Acid Reflux autobiography about my journey with Acid Reflux which was my very first eBook. I am excited to add many new titles but for now check out below all the books that are available:


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