Good Health Takes Discipline

Happy New Year Everyone !

What exactly does the word discipline mean? Let me tell you. Discipline is training (someone) to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience. Now when we hear that definition we may think whoa that is too much but at least part of it is true when it comes to our health. 

When it comes to our health we have to be somewhat disciplined (trained) to be healthy. If we do not train ourselves or have the mindset to be healthy more than likely we will not choose to be healthy but instead make unhealthy choices. So the long story short is that being healthy takes a lot of thought it takes a lot of being organized and planning your meals and even if you don’t plan your meals your groceries or what you have should somewhat reflect how you want to eat like having many fruits and vegetables around.

I am proud to say today I am currently 184 pounds. That may not sound crazy but for me that is PROGRESS. I was pushing 190 pounds as 2022 came to an end. I couldn’t believe that I let myself get to this weight and the most I have ever weighed prior to having my son is 150 pounds. I never experienced weight gain in the way before but as you get older our bodies do change an retain more weight, especially for women.

This is the moment I knew that I needed to be more grounded if I really wanted to lose weight. As tedious as this can be for many people I began counting my calories and I also counted my calories as I cooked my meals and weighed my food. There are many apps that can actually do this for you so it doesn’t have to be scary depending on how you approach this. This is important because many of us take on extra calories of food just because we are going way over the recommended portion size. Did you know that 1 serving of rice which is about 1/4 cup is 160 calories. Now when most people eat rice they are not measuring their servings. That means if you end of eating one cup of rice that means you just consumed 640 calories of rice by not portion size. We have to pay attention to those nutritional facts and serving sizes which is why they provide us with the information. 

If you have been reading any of my recent blog post you will see that I mentioned a major cause of weight gain is due to an over consumption of food or calories. So this is something we all have to work on. Another thing that started the weight loss was controlling my intake of sweet. No matter how much any of us love sweets its just no good for us and its that simple. It has absolutely no nutritional value. Now I’m not saying you have to give up sweets totally but just watch how much you eat. 

Before I complete this blog post the last thing that has truly helped me lose weight is having an early cut off time so if you are going to set a cut off time for your time try to stick to it. No going to sleep on a full stomach or eating at least two hours prior to your bedtime. 

I truly hope this blog post helped you and will give you some encouragement on your weight loss journey. It doesn’t have to be perfect but we are in this together!

If you would like to possibly work with me or need nutrition coaching please visit the at your service tab on my website and complete the form.

Hoping 2023 is nothing but great to you! God Bless!

Written By: Vanessa J

Question to you all what personal goals have you started so far for the New Year? Comment down below


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