How does the body detox naturally?

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How Does The Body Detox Naturally?

Now we always hear people say that they are going to do a cleanse or detox. I myself cleanse or make my detox juices by juicing. But the real question is can the body do all of this already? Of course it can!

The human body is so amazing and beautifully crafted that it already knows everything that it is supposed to do for us. The two handy dandy organs that help us to accomplish the goal of detoxing our bodies are liver and our kidneys and just to add a little pizzazz our colons are big helpers as well.  

So what exactly does the liver do and what is it responsible for? I’m glad you asked. To start, the liver is one of the heaviest organs in our body weighing in at 3 pounds, amazing! Now the liver is responsible for many things. Let’s just think of the liver as being a factory that runs 24/7. The liver has a lot of tasks to check off its checklist. First, the liver is responsible for filtering our blood so blood transports in and out of the liver coming from the heart and the intestines. When the liver filters our blood it is receiving nutrients that will be stored in the liver. Those nutrients can consist of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. The liver turns carbohydrates into sugar and then stores it as glycogen. So even though the liver receives those nutrients that come from our foods and what we eat, it also removes toxins from the blood which will eventually travel to the kidneys and colon to be removed from the body. When you overload your body with junk the liver has to work to remove it from our bodies. One of the things that can be most harmful to our bodies is alcohol.

Now let’s talk about the kidneys. Yea you know this one the ones that look like beans. This organ too is responsible for helping our bodies to detox. One, it regulates the fluid in our body. Two, it can detect waste in your blood just like the liver to be excreted as urine. Third, just like the liver it releases vitamins and nutrients into our bloodstream. The kidneys filters and checks our blood to get rid of waste and toxins.

So there you go the body is in fact a natural detoxifier.

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Be Happy. Be Healthy.Be Safe.

Written By: Vanessa Jo

Soures(s) : TedEd on Youtube


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