Our Health and Wellness is very important. We must take care of ourselves to keep our bodies in a good state of health. Please check out my blog section to find blog post on this topic.

The effects that fast foods can have on the body. We must shed those calories!

To start here is a good question: What are the ways in which to increase your health and wellness?

  • Proper Breathing Techniques (Oxygen is the number one most important nutrient in the body. Our cells need oxygen every minute, every second)
  • Drink Water (Our bodies are made up of 60 to 80 percent water. Cells are made up of water and our bodies need water to flush out toxins)
  • Eat Fruits
  • Eat Vegetables
  • Have good sources of fiber in the diet (Millions of Americans suffer from chronic constipation mainly due to their diets/eating habits!)
  • Take care of your Physical Health (Exercise)
  • Take care of your Mental Health (Prayer, Music, Meditation, Yoga, Exercise, Stress Management, Breathing Techniques)

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