My E-Books, Podcasts, and More

This page is for all of the other things I am currently doing and working on outside of the nutrition space. Back in 2018 I published my first E book “Acid Re-flux Plan and Overcome” about my journey with Acid Re-flux. If you have suffered with Acid Re-flux like me read my E-Book to learn how I was able to get through it.

As you all know I am a mother to the cutest most energy filled toddler. He loves to learn and he loves his ABCs and I mean loves them! I recently released the first three parts to what will be a 26 book alphabet series on kindle. If you have a little one that loves ABCs and loves to learn this book is for you. Click below to purchase yours today!

Are you into planning, organizing , journaling, or self-care? Well! I recently just released these that you can order directly from Amazon and will be shipped directly to you! There are many more new styles to come! Order yours on Amazon today!


If you have not had a chance to check out my blog section please do so, and if you are not into reading blogs you can now can listen to my blog post! Last year I started the Nutrifoody and Lifestyle Blogcast. I have more episodes to come, please listen to what I have up already!