Blogmas Day 12- Oh Baby!

Me and Baby Boy

This year I was blessed with one of the greatest gifts I found out I was expecting and the baby was arriving this same year! . I was excited and nervous at the same time. As much as I felt I had experience with children such as babysitting my younger cousins and watching them grow up there is nothing like having your own child.  Then you begin to wonder what your child will be like , how will their personality be ?

There is no instruction manual that can fully prepare you to become a parent. For some reason I thought that babies just sleep all day 😩😩😩😩 boy was I wrong! My baby boy was born in October and when I tell you first month was rough , it was rough.  Shortly after arriving back home from the hospital the baby was sound asleep peacefully then once night hit my husband and I were up for hours. We couldn’t figure out how to calm him down everything we did changing him, soothing him, and feeding him nothing worked. We were more than sleep deprived. We soon figured out that our baby boy was colic. I had heard the term but didn’t quite know exactly what it meant. Then I learned that it is the term for when a baby cries for more than 2 hours straight.

Then we started to get nervous because people were telling us “colic” could last for up for up to three months or more. Then at his first doctor’s visit the doctor told us “colic ” is not really a real diagnosis or condition but just a term. We soon figured out that the reason he might be fussy is because he has gas and his digestive system was very sensitive. He was not being breastfed so we tried changing his formula to something more gentle and that seemed to help a lot.

One thing to remember is that babies have to get used to being outside the womb after being in there for nine months. They do not know the difference between day and night, so during the day they sleep and during the night they may be a bit more cranky.

Now at  two months my son is currently much better and started to develop a routine even though the routine is not permanent we are happy he is doing much better!

Oh Baby!!!!

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