The real reason why you are not losing weight

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This blog post is one that I have been wanting to write for a long time. The reason why it took me so long is because I wanted to find the right things to say as I wrote this. This blog post was not only a reality check for myself but it may be for many others as well. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts after giving birth to my son I went from 145 pounds up to 180 pounds over the course of my postpartum period and everything that was happening in the world. While this was all happening and I was well aware that I was gaining weight I tried my hardest to work out constantly which is something that I was never used to doing before and I also worked on changing my eating habits.

Over the course of these past two years I worked out the hardest I’ve ever worked out before and I changed my diet. I thought I was doing everything right, at least that is what my mind was telling me but the truth is sometimes we are not completely honest with ourselves. I kept telling myself I’m eating good and I’m working out why am I not losing weight? Well, the truth is even though I was eating “right” I also was eating “wrong”. My husband and I still indulge in things we should have had in moderation. I was still eating the foods that were hurting my new lifestyle sugary foods. I have a sweet tooth and so does my husband, so we were both still ordering cakes, desserts, ice creams, and shakes. So even though we cleaned up our eating habits, eating the sweets just caused us to gain more and more weight. It is as if we had worked hard for nothing.

Even though in reality it was not for nothing because we still adapted a new lifestyle from this , when it came to controlling our urges for sweets we were weak. Now I’m not saying that one person can never have sweets ever again, but one should not have it almost everyday like my husband and I did. So this blog post is more of a reality check to really examine the reasons why we are not losing weight. Sometimes we think we are doing things totally right but that is not always the case.

But do give up on your journey to weight loss, I know I won’t. As a nutrition professional it is important for me to be an examples to others and I admit I am not perfect, because there is no such thing, but we all can accomplish our health goals no matter how long it takes.

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